Understanding Endorsement Policies in Hyperledger Fabric

Notes taken while learning about Endorsement Policies

Introduction Endorsement Policy defines which peers should execute a transaction and endorse its result(signing the execution result with its certificates) so as to consider the transaction to be valid. In other words, only after a set of peers endorse a transaction’s result then only the transaction will be committed in... [Read More]

Understanding Hyperledger fabric byfn setup briefly

Short notes on Hyperledger Fabric Build Your First Network example setup

Introduction When I first go started with Hyperledger Fabric, it was a very daunting experience. All those yaml files, docker containers, commands, shell scripts confused a lot. Here in this article, I try to put those things very shortly on how a network is setup, mainly will consider the example... [Read More]

Mining and Proof of Work in Bitcoin

Understanding the mining details of bitcoin

Introduction Pre-requisite: Basic understanding of Blockchain. More specifically, I will be talking about Bitcoin’s mining. But it also applies to other cryptocurrencies following the same consensus protocol(we will see what that exactly means). My aim, while writing this is to provide some intuition behind proof of work algorithm and to... [Read More]